Rotary 6930 Policies & Guidelines

Rotary Foundation District Committee Structure

The following structure addresses the requirements of The Rotary Foundation and the District 6930 Standard Operating Procedure. The structure is designed and intended to encourage clubs to be active and effective participants in the programs of The Rotary Foundation. The District Governor shall appoint the chairs of each sub-committee except the SHARE Committee. All sub‐committees are encouraged to seek volunteer members from the District’s top giving clubs.

District Foundation Sub‐Committees are:

  • Grants
  • District Grant Implementation
  • Fundraising
  • Polio‐Plus
  • Stewardship (Audit Committee)

SHARE Committee

The SHARE Committee membership for a given Rotary year shall be constituted in August of the immediately preceding Rotary year. The Committee shall include the District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (DRFC), District Rotary Foundation Grants Chair (DRFGC), District Governor, District Governor‐Elect (Chair), District Governor‐Nominee, a representative from the top three highest per capita giving clubs, and a representative from the top two highest total giving clubs from the Rotary year immediately prior to the formation of the SHARE Committee. The clubs are to be determined by using The Rotary Foundation giving report of June 30 of the Rotary year immediately prior to the formation of the SHARE Committee.

For Example, the SHARE Committee for Rotary year 2016‐2017 is comprised of the officers for 2016‐2017 plus representatives from clubs as determined by the giving records for 2015‐2016. Under no circumstances can one club be represented in both categories. If a club qualifies in both areas the SHARE Committee chair shall decide in which category they will be placed and the other category will be filled by the next in line highest contributing club. “Giving” references donation to the Annual Program Fund (APF) and total giving refers to APF plus all others including Permanent Fund, Polio Plus, and matching grant funds.

The SHARE Committee shall annually review the District’s District Designated Fund (DDF) allocation policies, and shall approve a Score Sheet for determining the allocation of approved DDF if club project grant requests exceed the available DDF for District Grants. The SHARE Committee determines the District’s priorities for a District Grant. The SHARE Committee shall annually determine the percent of District Designated Funds (DDF) to be allocated to a District Block Grant, Global Grants and other permitted direct DDF donations recognized by TRF for the given year. The maximum allocation of DDF to District Block Grant is as determined by The Rotary Foundation.

Grants Committee

The Grant Committee membership includes the Grants Committee Chair and other Rotarians as necessary to complete the assigned tasks. The District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair shall be a non‐voting member of this committee, unless a vote is necessary to break a tie.

The Grants Committee is responsible for educating the clubs about the opportunities afforded by District and Global Grants as well as the promotion and administration of the grants programs. There are two distinct avenues within the grants program:

  • global grants (including Scholar and Vocational Training Team grants), and
  • district grants.

The Grants Committee reviews and determines awards for club District Grant applications and other permitted district grant programs such as district projects, scholarships, and volunteer service grants based on the priorities determined by the SHARE Committee and District policy. The result of this process becomes the annual District Spending Plan submitted to the District Grant Implementation Committee for submission to The Rotary Foundation for approval prior to the release of District DDF for the year. Any changes or amendments to the District Spending Plan must be approved by the SHARE Committee and submitted by the District Grant Implementation Committee.

In June, the Grants committee meets to evaluate District Grant applications in preparation for filing the District Spending Plan. If club District Grant requests for DDF exceed the amount of available DDF, the Grants Committee will allocate the available DDF using a Score Sheet approved by the SHARE Committee for that purpose.

The Grants Committee reviews proposals for Global Grants, Scholars, and Vocational Training Teams and makes recommendations to the District Foundation Chair and the District Governor regarding approval for DDF usage. The Grants Committee will assist clubs in preparing grant applications with The Rotary Foundation. The Grants Committee will assure that applicant clubs meet qualification requirements and understand reporting responsibilities and obligations.

The Grants Committee monitors the timely reporting of all grants.

  • District Grant Reports.
    Clubs must complete and report District Grant projects within the same Rotary year. Approved District Grant projects are funded on a reimbursement basis based on reports submitted. Clubs may submit interim reports along with receipts to receive reimbursement of incurred approved expenses.
    A final report is required for all District Grants by April 30.
  • Global Grant reports.
    Global Grants are reported to The Rotary Foundation in accordance with TRF requirements.

Club Qualification for Grants (District or Global)

For a club to qualify for filing a grant application the following must be met:

  1. Annual attendance at the District 6930 Grants Seminar
  2. No open District Grants from prior year(s)
  3. No more than three open grants of any kind for which the club is the sponsor
  4. Signed club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the current year
  5. Comply with The Rotary Foundation Grant Terms and Conditions
  6. Agree to record keeping of expenses and receipt retention requirements
  7. Ensure funds were used only for qualified expenses
  8. Any other requirements of District 6930 as may be developed

District Grant Implementation Committee

The District Grant Implementation Committee shall consist of the District Governor of the implementation year, the District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (DRFC) and the District Grants Subcommittee Chair. These three committee members are responsible for authorizing and submitting the district grant application and any subsequent modifications of the district spending plan.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has multiple objectives to inspire and motivate Rotarians to financially support The Rotary Foundation. These include:

  1. Promote the value of The Rotary Foundation through examples of District and Global Grants and other programs of The Rotary Foundation.
  2. Work with club leadership to establish club giving goals to the Annual Program Fund, PolioPlus, and the Permanent Fund.
  3. Explain the difference between the Annual Program Fund, PolioPlus, and the Permanent Fund.
  4. Monitor and encourage clubs to meet annual giving goals.
  5. Review quarterly progress with AGs and send appropriate progress letters to club presidents.
  6. Promote Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY), and Sustaining Member Club status.
  7. Understand and promote various ways of giving:
    – Cash
    – TRF Direct
    – Bequest Society
    – Benefactor
    – Life Estates, etc.
  8. Understand and promote the Paul Harris Society.
  9. Identify potential Paul Harris Fellows and encourage attainment of first or additional levels.
  10. Identify potential Major Donor level members and encourage attainment
  11. Understand Club Recognition Summaries (CRS) and the use of the CRS and coach clubs on their use.
  12. Understand and use the Monthly Contribution Report (MCR) to achieve annual goals.

PolioPlus Committee

The PolioPlus Committee has the following objectives in assisting the PolioPlus Chair:

  • Promote continued financial support.
  • Educate on progress and issues.
  • Promote involvement of newer members.
  • Promote public, non‐Rotarian awareness.

Stewardship / Audit Committee

The Rotary Foundation delegates the stewardship responsibility and audit functions for financial responsibility/accountability and procedural compliance to the District. The District is required to have a Financial Management Plan, a District MOU with The Rotary Foundation, and a Stewardship/Audit Committee. The Stewardship/Audit Committee will also review the required Grant Management Seminar materials in an advisory capacity.

The Stewardship/Audit Committee will review each year’s District Grant application process, District Spending Plan, and reports from each club for District Grant awards to assure procedural compliance and that required reporting, receipt provision, and retention is appropriate and meets the standards of good stewardship and accountability. The work of this committee is independent of the DRFC and DRFGC to ensure objectivity. Other required financial assessments shall be done by an independent auditor or another district’s Audit Committee.


Amendments to the document may be made upon approval of a majority of the District Rotary Foundation Committee members present for a meeting called for that purpose. Notice of such a meeting shall be given at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

Last Update February 14, 2018.

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