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Club President

As president, you lead and motivate your club, ensuring that club members feel valuable, inspired, and connected to each other.

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Club President Manual

Your Club Leadership Plan

Membership Growth & Retention Support

The Rotary Foundation Reference Guide

Standard Rotary Club Constitution

Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws

Installation of Officers Samples

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Rotary Citation 2020-21: Rotary clubs that achieve the goals listed in the by the end of the Rotary year will earn a citation. All activities need to be completed, reported, and reflected in the Rotary database by 30 June.

can be found in Rotary Club Central. To achieve the Rotary Citation, review the 25 available goals, select at least 13, achieve those goals, then report your achievement in Rotary Club Central.

Club President-Elect

Club Secretary

As club secretary, you help your club run smoothly and effectively. You also monitor club trends to help identify strengths and areas for improvement and share this information with club and district leaders.

Learn About Your Role as Secretary

Your Club Leadership Plan

Standard Rotary Club Constitution

Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws

Club Treasurer

As club treasurer, you play an important role in your club’s ability to carry out service projects, fundraise, and support The Rotary Foundation.

Learn About Your Role as Treasurer

Your Club Leadership Plan

Budget Worksheet

Public Relations

As club public relations, you make sure your club gets credit for the good it does in your community.

Public Relations Committee Manual

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