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Fellow Rotarians, 

I want to begin this Rotary year by thanking all of our club presidents, club leaders and district leaders who have agreed to serve for the 2020-21“Rotary Opens Opportunities” Rotary year. I appreciate your willingness to give your time, our most valuable resource. Each of you are an inspiration and I am thrilled to serve alongside you!

I am very excited to serve as your District Governor where our focus will remain on Polio and Membership.

Speaking of membership WE have to find a way to eliminate the revolving door we have had 1.2 million members for many years and we have had 1.2 million leave our organization. As our President Holger Knaack noted “Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects.

I believe, as likely most of you do, that our endeavors in service, no matter big or small, create opportunities for people who are in most need of our help. This is why we do it. Rotary not only creates leadership opportunities it creates leaders. Rotary gives us as Rotarians the opportunity to assist others and hopefully soon we will be able to travel the world again to put our service ideas into action in turn making a difference and making lifelong connections. This is Rotary this is what WE do.

This year, together, we will embrace change so that we can expand and thrive. This is our opportunity to try new things. Gone are the days that “we always did it that way” this is a new Rotary. Your new plan B has to be better than your old plan A. We need to embrace change if we do not we will simply become the next Blockbuster or Kodak. How great is it that you can have a speaker at your club from other time zone, District or even from another country? Hearing all of the inspiring stories of what is happening across the globe will only make us want to do even more. Many of you are already doing this, I thank you. I hope you are also posting on Facebook and other social media platforms to let everyone know what is happening in your club. What great opportunities lie before us we have to invite friends and family so they can hear about all the great things were are accomplishing. In doing this we will grow organically. Invite Rotaractors to your club meetings they are likely good speakers to have as well. We must include our youth and make them feel welcome they are our future. Speaking of youth and membership we need to be sure we are providing each and every member, new as well as established, with the value they are seeking for Rotary. So take the time and make the effort to get to know our prospects before handing him or her, an application for membership. If a prospect does not appear to be a good fit for your club please ask them to visit another local club prior to submitting an application. It is better for a prospect to become a member across town than to join a club and be unhappy and leave Rotary completely. Rotary’s success, its strength doesn’t come from individuals, but from the collective members of our clubs…and of the 1.2 million globally who pull together and do amazing and transformational things that others simply cannot. 

I look forward to all the great things we will achieve together and to all the fun we will have in our district.  Together we will make transformational change in our district and in our world and make both just a little better than when we found them. This is why District 6930 is called “Champions of Change”

We need to capture this moment we are in by making our clubs, Districts, and organization stronger and adaptable.

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