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A Message from DG Els Van Engelenburg:

October is Economic and Community Development month. There are nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide who live on less than $1.25 per day. Members of District 6930 promote economic and community development and strive to reduce poverty through community training and projects providing opportunities to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders. Rotary International supports investments in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities. The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians to invest in people by creating sustainable, measurable and long term economic improvements in their communities and livelihoods. Below are some projects you can find on Rotary showcase that demonstrate the power of Rotary by:

1. Building the capacity of entrepreneurs, community leaders, local organizations, and community networks to support economic development in impoverished communities;
2. Developing opportunities for productive work;
3. Reducing poverty in under-served communities;
4. Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to economic and community development.

  1. The Power of Light – Rotary members team up with the Navajo Nation to bring solar lights to remote, off-the-grid homes, allowing people to work and learn at night
  2. Microloans – Entrepreneurs use microloans to become street vendors, rickshaw drivers, weavers, and tailors.
  3. Agricultural Opportunities – Entrepreneurs in rural communities can borrow money to buy livestock or plant crops, or get training in sustainable farming.
  4. Free vegetable gardens sprouting up around France – Imagine a community where the residents are all free to plant, grow, harvest, and eat healthy food whenever they want without having to pay for it. The Versailles Rotaractors started Potalib in 2012, around the time they were forming their club, which was chartered in 2013. The project has not only benefited an increasing number of communities, it’s also helped to expand the club’s membership, which has mushroomed from 16 members to 60.

Africa Now Polio Free: As you are likely aware the WHO announced Africa polio free on August 25, 2020. Thank you all for your contributions we really are this close with only 2 countries Afghanistan and Pakistan remaining. Let’s keep up the hard work we must complete this project for the future of our children. There are several Rotarians in our district finding creative opportunities to raise funds to invest in a polio free world during Covid. Please consider sponsoring one of these projects when you make your donation to Polio this month. Remember even the smallest amount can save a child from this retched disease. With our continued support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation every $1 receives a 2:1 match.
As I have “visited” clubs in our district I am encouraged by the many fundraising and social events taking place. I encourage you to communicate these events along with your club Zoom links on DACdb calendar so Rotarians can find you easily and remain engaged.




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