Help is on the Way!

Our two Disaster Aid Trailers were deployed today to Mayo to support D6950 and DG Chris Casella’s recovery efforts.

A couple of days ago, Todd Darress from the Rotary Club Vero Beach Sunrise arranged a workday to refurbish the two District 6930 trailers that serve Disaster Aid USA. This was just in time to be deployed. Some of our Rotary family members who helped with this were Clare Meshot, Stephen Kepley, Arthur Hodge, Gail Marcia DeRoy, Robert Hildreth, Justin Lefebure and his family, Pam O’Donnell & Gene, and Bill Edelstein worked to get them ready.

PDG Arthur Hodge is now asking for volunteers to go to Mayo this Wednesday, September 6th. They will work under the direction of Disaster Aid USA. If you feel you might be in a position to render aid, PLEASE contact PDG Arthur Hodge

I also want to remind you to complete the following form: This is very important for all of us. This database will help us be ready when the time comes.

If you wish to donate, there are a number of options. Each Rotary District involved has a charitable foundation, and the links are:

District 6940 – Big Bend, Panhandle and areas from Tallahassee west – Donate here

District 6950  – – Pinellas, Hernando, Citrus and Pasco Counties

Disaster Aid USA – –  providing recovery services in the impacted areas – Donate here: 

DO NOT SEND Clothing!

If you have any questions, you can contact me or any one of the following Disaster Response Committee chairs: PDG Phil Lustig , PDG Arthur Hodge , and Marcin

Let’s keep our work to CREATE HOPE in the WORLD.

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