Governor’s Letter

Hello, my dear family!

July could be called “Rotary Transition Month” and have the motto “Be Patient!”

Even after two years of preparation, we find ourselves facing things that are completely beyond our control, like glitches in systems, coding errors, and some things we only discover on the first day of July!

One of the first things they teach us at Rotary Governors training seminars, and repeat like a mantra all the time, is: “Manage your expectations!” That’s the same thing I’ve been telling all the Presidents and the District team for almost two years now. We can’t control everything. Moreover, we are an organization that operates through volunteer work, and thus, we have our jobs, our personal lives, and our families that must take priority.

We have to focus on our mental health, take care of each other, and be aware of our fellow members who haven’t attended meetings because that’s the only way we’ll fully achieve the number one objective of our organization, which has always been to create a group of friends. We are an organization of people doing humanitarian service; we must never forget that.

The world has changed and continues to change every day. Likewise, Rotary has changed and evolves every day! Imagine my mind, as I’ve been a Rotarian for over 30 years! There are times when I debate with myself when I have to adapt to what Rotary is today.

We have to grow, and if we don’t prepare, if we don’t adapt, if we don’t open our minds, it won’t happen!

There’s a song in Portuguese that says: “Nothing that was will be the same as it once was.” We must never forget this; think about it constantly.

The growth of Rotary depends on our ability to adapt by listening to and interacting with different people and a completely new world that continues to transform.

It is imperative that we value our leaders. Show them that they are part of the process and not mere spectators.

We have to not only motivate them but, most importantly, equip them so that they can be ready to carry out their mission and to take our place when the time comes.

I will always provide opportunities for training and fellowship across the district without borders. We are one. We are a family. Anyone who thinks differently is going against the flow and will eventually face the full force of change!

During the previous years, we got used to using online meetings and seminars. Now, we have become accustomed to it, but we know one thing: a screen will never replace personal interaction in a seminar or a discussion group. There are values and experiences that we can only enjoy when we are together. We must cherish and recognize the importance of social and emotional dimensions in learning and socializing.

That’s why I emphasize training, and in-person seminars where we meet and get to know new people who may think differently or similarly to us but together, we will change and move Rotary and our District forward.
My mission as District Governor is to listen to the members of our district, share with them my passion and vision, and motivate them so that together we can Create Hope in the World.

I will always be available to come to you to learn and know what is best for the future of our district. Never forget, you are a part of my family!

Thank you all for your support.

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