Supporting Funds

Outright Contributions

You can direct your Annual Fund gift to SHARE, the World Fund, or an area of focus fund. As is often said, “cash is always accepted.” In reality, however, the Rotary Foundation is always pleased accept outright contributions. There are a number of ways you can contribute to the various funds within the Foundation by donating cash, tangible property or securities. Here are some ways that you can use to make direct contributions to the TRF.

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

You can direct your Annual Fund gift to SHARE, the World Fund, or an area of focus fund. A gift to The Rotary Foundation for a loved one is meaningful way to honor or memorialize that person. Tribute gifts may be for a birthday, wedding, graduation or any special event or occasion.

Recurring Giving

Enroll in The Rotary Foundation’s Recurring Giving Program, Rotary Direct, and save time, money, and lives through your generous contributions. Select an amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), and contribution method that is convenient for you. You may even direct your contributions to one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

Donor Advised Fund

The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised fund is a convenient way to simplify your charitable giving and take advantage of tax savings at the same time. A donor advised fund account is similar to an investment account earmarked exclusively for charitable giving. It allows you to make contributions and grant recommendations to the Foundation and other preferred charities at your convenience.

Planned Giving

The Rotary Foundation offers several ways to structure a charitable gift that furthers Rotary’s mission. Furthermore such gifting may provide tax and other financial benefits to the donor and loved ones. There are a number of opportunities to construct a gift to the Foundation. Here are some of the available planned giving options:  Read more….

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