District Governor’s Letter – September 2023

Hello, my Rotary family!

We are all visiting the clubs to listen to what you need. Our Assistant Governors have been visiting your clubs, as well as the Membership Team and the Foundation Team. And you know what they’ve been hearing quite frequently?

District Governor Douglas Heizer & First Lady Dini Heizer

“Never have so many people from the District come to help us during a one-year period. We’ve already had more people here than usual.” Exactly! We are here to help you!

Now, we are focused on the Membership and Vibrant Club Summit. This will be a historic milestone for your club and our district. Not only for the opportunity to learn more but especially for the networking among members from across the district!

Based on the DACdb reports, our district is growing. So far, we’ve attracted 48 members, which is fantastic! Just consider that in the year 2022/2023, we attracted 191 members. This shows that the clubs, led by their presidents, have returned to asking the key question: “Would you like to join us?” We are once again eager to add new members! Congratulations to the Membership Team for being available to help our clubs grow.

But the truth is that we’ve lost 30 members. We have a positive balance of 18 members. In the last year, our net growth was -2 members. Our next step is to retain the members in the club. Each one keeps one! Why are we losing members? What are we doing or not doing?

There are three factors that have made Rotary grow worldwide:
1 – Attract new members – We’ve been doing that very well.
2 – Engage current members – We need to stop losing members.
3 – CREATE NEW CLUBS – our next challenge!

Let’s focus on that! Let’s aim to increase the number of clubs. Companion/Satellite Clubs have proven to be the greatest allies for clubs to grow worldwide. Let’s invest heavily in that.

Let’s share our passion for Rotary, and together, let’s CREATE HOPE in the WORLD.

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