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Governor's Letter - May 2024

"The show only ends when it ends"

My Dear Rotary Family

"The show only ends when it ends" - Abelardo Barbosa... This is a famous saying attributed to a renowned Brazilian comedian when referring to his show.

May is the month of Youth Service.

Nothing better to kick off this month than with RYLA. RYLA is back! Led by PDG Donna Gaiser (Chair), Toni Wiersenman, and Denise Witeade, the RYLA Committee orchestrated an amazing event with 38 campers, reviving the program after a year-long hiatus. Undoubtedly, DG Julia Babbitt and her team are poised to elevate the next RYLA to new heights.


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Governor's Letter - March 2024

Continuing the Momentum: A Call to Action During the Transition Period

My dear Rotary family,

The past couple of months have been challenging for me with both my Mom and now my Dad facing health issues. I am thankful to my Rotary family for understanding and being patient with delays in responding to emails or returning phone calls. I have also had to make changes to my visits to some clubs, and I hope to keep all visits as scheduled now.

I also want to thank Joan Meaker once again for her amazing job and for helping me with the newsletter while waiting for my message before sending it out.

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Governor’s Letter February 2024

Checking In: How's Our Rotary Journey Going?

Dear Rotary Family,

As February unfolds, let's hit the pause button for a moment and ask ourselves, "How are we doing?" We've got a solid five months ahead of us, and it's the perfect time to reflect on where we stand in our Rotary endeavors.

1. Making an Impact:

High-fives all around for the incredible impact we've had so far! Whether it's the success of a community project or the smiles we've shared, our dedication is leaving a mark.

2. Expanding Our Reach:

Our goals are set, and we're making strides in expanding our reach. Take a moment to appreciate the connections we've made and the positive influence we're spreading.

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Governor's Letter - January 2024

Embracing a Bright Future: A New Year Message to Rotary Family


My dear family,


We said goodbye to a year filled with achievements and challenges, it is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the new year ahead. We reflect on the success achieved in 2023, uniting our district and strengthening the spirit of Rotary.


I thank each one of you for both the support and constructive criticism that have helped us grow. In 2024, we will continue with an open governance inviting active participation from all, as the district is, above all, a service provider to clubs and their members.




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Peace Pole Project

One of Governor Douglas Heizer's Douglas Heizer projects for this year is the installation of Peace Poles throughout the district.

The first 10 have already arrived and will begin to be installed this month.

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Owen Robinson, was selected to be District Governor for 2026-2027

We are thrilled to share that Owen Robinson, of the West Palm Beach Rotary Club, was selected to be  District Governor for 2026-2027! 

With 17 years of Rotary dedication, Owen's journey includes  roles in the Cary McGregor Rotary Club (District 7710) and at Rotay Club West Palm Beach, where he is the current President. 

Owen is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Polio Society member, and Sustaining member. 
His Rotary journey features leadership as Assistant District Governor, International Project Chair, and District Trainer, with impactful projects in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Africa, Turkey, and the Bahamas.
In his new role, 


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Governor's Letter - December 2023

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Growing Together

My Dear Rotary family

I know this month's newsletter is arriving a little later than usual. It's usually sent out on the 5th, and for that, I take full responsibility. While we have the best newsletter editor in Zone 33/34 – a big thank you to Joann Meacker for her dedication! – this month, we had some incredibly important news to share, which required me to delay publication slightly.

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Governor's Letter

Local Compassion: A Call to Action for a Better Tomorrow


This month, November, marks Rotary Foundation Month, providing the perfect opportunity to contribute and make a difference.

In the midst of our comfortable lives, it's easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering around us. However, recent experiences have brought to light the harsh reality within our own community.

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Governor's Letter-October

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
A Message from District Governor Doug:

We never know for sure the proportion that things can take after sharing an idea. The idea is bigger than our will, and if it aligns with its purpose, then it takes on proportions you never imagined.

End Polio Now. How many years have you been speaking, listening, and promoting this? We contribute; we invite friends to contribute, and some of us even participate in a mass vaccination day.

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Spreading Peace: Rotary District 6930's DG Focus Project

Saturday, September 2, 2023
By: Douglas S. Heizer

At Rotary District 6930, we're on a mission to build a more peaceful world, and we're thrilled to introduce you to one of District Governor Douglas Heizer's Focus Projects–  the construction of eight Peace Poles throughout our district.

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Governor's Letter - September 2023

Friday, September 1, 2023
Hello, my Rotary family!

We are all visiting the clubs to listen to what you need. Our Assistant Governors have been visiting your clubs, as well as the Membership Team and the Foundation Team. And you know what they've been hearing quite frequently?

"Never have so many people from the District come to help us during a one-year period. We've already had more people here than usual." Exactly! We are here to help you!

Now, we are focused on the Membership and Vibrant Club Summit. This will be a historic milestone for your club and our district. Not only for the opportunity to learn more but especially for the networking among members from across the district!

Based on the DACdb reports, our district is growing. So far, we've attracted 48 members, which is fantastic! Just consider that in the year 2022/2023, we attracted 191 members. This shows that the clubs, led by their presidents, have returned to asking the key question: "Would you like to join us?" We are once again eager to add new members! Congratulations to the Membership Team for being available to help our clubs grow.

But the truth is that we've lost 30 members. We have a positive balance of 18 members. In the last year, our net growth was -2 members. Our next step is to retain the members in the club. Each one keeps one! Why are we losing members? What are we doing or not doing?

There are three factors that have made Rotary grow worldwide:
1 - Attract new members - We've been doing that very well.
2 - Engage current members - We need to stop losing members.
3 - CREATE NEW CLUBS - our next challenge!

Let's focus on that! Let's aim to increase the number of clubs. Companion/Satellite Clubs have proven to be the greatest allies for clubs to grow worldwide. Let's invest heavily in that.

Let's share our passion for Rotary, and together, let's CREATE HOPE in the WORLD.

The RPB Superhero that Doesn’t wear a cape but a big Smile

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
By: Romeo Siquijor

Michele O’Boyle of Kid’s Cancer Foundation
(The RPB Superhero that Doesn’t wear a cape but a big Smile)


Not all heroes wear capes.  But Michele O’Boyle is one of my favorite superheroes within the Royal Palm Beach community.  She founded, runs, and operates the Kids Cancer Foundation, which you can find at 246 Royal Palm Beach Blvd, FL, United States, 33411.  She does more than wear a fancy cape -- but she helps kids and their families cope with cancer.  Currently, the foundation supports around 118 families.  And today, Jan. 10/2023, the RPB Rotary had the privilege to host Michele at our breakfast meeting at @Hillary’s Restaurant (where we meet every Tuesday between 7:30 to 8:30 AM).

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Rotary International's President 2024/2025, Stephanie Urchick, visited Boca Raton

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Rotary International's future President for 2024/2025, Stephanie Urchick, visited Boca Raton on January 26 and was welcomed by the Rotary Club of Boca Raton West and their members for dinner at the Pavilion Grille. Many presidents and Rotary dignitaries, including RC Past Director Robert Meconni, were present, making it a memorable and special occasion.

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