Strengthening Our Image

For more than 100 years, Rotary has united leaders committed to applying their expertise to better their communities. Despite over a century of impact in communities around the world, Rotary does not get the recognition it deserves. We need to rethink how we tell our story so people everywhere understand what Rotary stands for, how we’re different, and why it matters.

In 2011, Rotary embarked on a multiyear initiative of unprecedented scale to strengthen our image. In addition to expanding public understanding of what Rotary does, we want to motivate, engage, and inspire current and prospective members, donors, partners, and staff.

6930_Old_logo This has been the District logo for several years.
This is how the District Logo would look like if we apply the latest Rotary Logo Guidelines. 6930_2014_logo

Click Here to Download the Voice and Visual Rotary Guidelines


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