Presidential Citation

Each year the RI president offers a Presidential Citation program to encourage Rotary clubs to achieve specific goals that advance Rotary’s strategic priorities. President John Germ Presidential Citation brochure describes the goals clubs must achieve in order to earn a citation in 2016-17. We hope that your clubs will challenge themselves by actively working towards these goals.

In the past, clubs have been asked to report their accomplishments to their district governors, who in turn would report to RI. However, with new and improved online tools, we have enhanced our capacity to gather and analyze data. President John Germ has set Presidential Citation goals that are completely verifiable by RI’s data. This means that clubs no longer need to submit forms to their district governor and the district governor will not need to report the names of qualifying clubs to RI.

All goals must be achieved and reflected in RI’s data by 1 April 2016. Any discrepancies found in RI’s data should be brought to our attention immediately for resolution before this deadline.

Tracking performance at the club level

We are pleased to announce that club presidents can now sign in to and access a report to track their progress towards each of the Presidential Citation goals for 2015-16. This report indicates which goals their club has achieved and which goals they have not yet achieved; highlighting the goals they need to focus on in order to earn a citation. The report will be updated daily so club presidents can track their progress throughout the year. The deadline to accomplish goals and have them recorded in RI’s database is 1 April 2017.

Club officers can access this report by signing in to and going to Manage > Reports > Club Administration

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